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Fruitarianism: Is it For the Win or an Epic Fail?

Fruitarianism: Is it For the Win or an Epic Fail?

Unless you've lived under a rock your entire life and this is your first time using a computer, chances are that you've heard of vegetarianism. In fact, Vegetarian Times claims that 7.3 million Americans are vegetarians. However, fruitarianism – which is the sweet and flavorful cousin of vegetarianism – is not as well-known or celebrated.

Fun fact: Steve Jobs, the legendary co-founder of Apple, named the company after this fruit during his experimentation with fruitarianism. But what exactly is this diet, and what are its advantages or possible disadvantages?

As you might have presumed, fruitarianism is a diet that is comprised of mostly fruits as well as nuts and seeds. No animal products are used, which is similar to the vegetarian diet. Some fruitarians work with a raw diet. However, more hardcore dieters only eat fruit that falls off a tree or from the vine. Basically, the goal is to avoid harming the plants that create the fruit, which gives it a bit of a vegetarian twist in an extremist way.

So, are there any benefits or advantages to being a fruitarian? Brothers Mikkel and Mads Gisle Johnsen, two Norwegian bloggers, believe that this diet can help you to achieve a nearly superhuman health status. Regardless of what two Norwegian blogger brothers think, here are a few advantages that the fruitarian can offer.

For starters, you'll definitely receive your fair share of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Since you'll be eating fruits which typically have zero fat and few calories, it's possible that you will lose weight as well.

Unfortunately, fruitarianism comes with a lot of disadvantages. First of all, you can actually gain weight if losing it is your primary goal. The reason is simple: fruit contains heavy amounts of natural sugars. This means that if you eat large numbers of fruit to substitute other important food groups, you could still risk gaining weight.

Due to its high sugar content, it's a dangerous diet for diabetic or pre-diabetic people. Blood sugar levels can be impacted negatively.

Also, eating fruits only will leave you craving other food groups, which leads to a feeling of starvation in the long run. Your body could ultimately go into starvation mode if you eliminate essential fats.

Did we mention tooth decay? Because of the sugar content, tooth decay is entirely possible.

Before you pop on your favorite pineapple print tee with pride to showcase your newfound fruitarianism, remember to consider its advantages and disadvantages. As always, consult with your doctor or nutritionist about the best diet options available for your personal needs.


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