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The Benefits Of A Crossbody Bag

The Benefits Of A Crossbody Bag

Keys, cell phone, wallet, water bottle, snacks, makeup, tissues- with so many things to carry around, a handbag is an essential item most days. Traditional handbags are worn on the shoulder, and although they are just as useful as crossbody bags, they can be cumbersome and cause shoulder and back pain when worn too long. Crossbody bags have a multitude of benefits that make them the perfect bag for any season.

1. Crossbody bags are better for the back and shoulders. Many handbags are worn over the shoulder, leading to back, neck, and shoulder pain over time. A crossbody bag distributes the weight of items evenly across the body, leading to less strain on those areas of the body. Many doctors and physical therapists even recommend crossbody bags to their patients over shoulder handbags.

2. No more slumping straps. Handbags worn over the shoulder can leave you frustrated as the straps can constantly slide down the arm, making you readjust them often. Crossbody bags completely eliminate this problem because the strap stays in place over your chest throughout the entire wear time.

3. There's multiple ways to wear it. Crossbody bags are traditionally worn across the chest, with the main compartment resting on the hip. You can wear a crossbody bag several different ways, however. You can place the main compartment more towards the front of your body so that it's resting on your pelvis. You can also rotate the main compartment to the back of the body, so that it rests on your lower back or buttocks.

4. It's easy to grab the items you need. To remove items from a handbag worn on the shoulder, you usually need to take the bag off and sift through it. With a crossbody bag, you can simply unzip or open up the flap of the bag and remove the items you need without ever taking the bag off.

5. It's harder to steal a crossbody bag. When you're out and about running errands, you might take off your handbag and set it aside somewhere. Doing this unfortunately leaves you vulnerable to having your bag stolen along with all of the important items inside. A crossbody bag can be worn comfortably at all times, reducing the risk of it being taken.

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