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Cher Throws Some Serious Shade At Madonna During An Interview With Ellen DeGeneres

Cher Throws Some Serious Shade At Madonna During An Interview With Ellen DeGeneres

She's not feeling it. During a recent appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", Cher was asked to play an interesting game entitled "5 Second Rule." 

The game was moderated by DeGeneres' sidekick, Stephen "tWitch" Boss. Ellen and Cher were asked a series of questions to which they had to provide three answers in under five seconds. While it may seem easy enough the results can be quite surprising. 

Never one to back down from a challenge, Cher was ready and raring to go when the game clock started. As Boss read off the questions, one in particular caught both Cher and the studio audience off guard. 

The question was, "Name three celebrities you'd want to do a duet with." Cher quickly replied, "Oh! Adele, Pink, and...uh, um- not Madonna." 

As a gasp was heard from the audience, DeGeneres quickly tried to dispel the awkward moment by quipping, "Well, all right, Ms. Negative!" 

Clearly satisfied with herself, Cher coyly asked, "Did I cheat?" DeGeneres shouted back, "Yeah! He said who you'd want to- not who you wouldn't want to." 

Cher calmly responded back, "So I took a little license." By the end of the game, Cher had both the audience and the show's host in stitches with her no-holds-barred approach and seemingly unapologetic answers. 

The 72-year-old superstar really has no reason to hold back as her easy elegance and unbothered demeanor are part of what's gotten her this far in such a competitive industry. While she's had beef with other entertainers throughout the years, her feud with Madonna is the one that's made the most headlines. 

What first started out as a minor comment during an interview with CBS journalist Steve Kmetko in the '90s where the "Believe" singer referred to Madonna as "mean" and "rude" quickly blossomed into long-standing animosity between the two stars. 

The two appeared together at a Women's March on Washington event in 2017, leading many fans to wonder if the dispute was finally over. Cher has often denied any contention over the years, even once clarifying that she didn't hate the "Vogue" singer. 

Although many had believed the feud between the two singers, which has spanned several decades, was behind them, Cher's shady answer to the game question has raised some serious doubts. 

She may not hate her, but it's pretty certain that we won't be hearing any collaborations between these two celebrities anytime soon.


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