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No Regrets

No Regrets

Have you ever looked back on your life and wished you could change a few things? Maybe, you could have stepped out on faith and took a new job in a different career field. Or, asked that girl or boy you had a crush on for a date. What about making a financial investment in a new stock that tripled in price. You could easily look at decisions not made and have regrets. These regrets could easily begin to lead to depression which will hinder your life. Those regrets could also distract you from your true purpose if you let them consume your life.

See, I have never had any regrets. I may have thought about what may have resulted if a different decision was made; however, I do not dwell on it because I cannot change it. I recognize how my decisions, good or bad, have led me to the life I live today. The opportunities I experience are all because of those decisions I made.

For instance, in Highschool, if I had never asked my son’s mom for permission to stand under her umbrella to avoid the rain while we waited in the school court yard, I would have never experienced the joy in having a son that has brought so much happiness to my life. Although, his mom and I had many arguments and said things that hurt and left emotional scars that lasted for many years, I would never wish to avoid meeting Kalen because that could have been the only opportunity I had at having a son.

Finally, instead of having regrets, you should consider finding the lessons that can be learned from the results of your past decisions. Give yourself the opportunity to understand why you are dealing with the outcomes from your decisions. Be patient and understand that there are seasons to life. There will be opportunities to make better decisions, but you must learn from and accept responsibility for the decisions previously made. Once you remove regret from your mind, you will begin to see the opportunities that can manifest from your past decisions. Good or Bad, there will be an opportunity in those results that will allow you to reach a life of happiness.

In conclusion, stop having regrets; you should consider focusing on the lesson learned from a decision. Understanding the lessons learned, will allow you to accept the results of the decision for what they are. Now, you will be able to locate the opportunities within the results which will allow you to move towards a life of happiness.

P.S. After having thought about this article for a few days, I revised it to be more considerate of the different levels of regret. Click Here for the Revised Article 


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